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KITCHEN 101: Secrets to Cooking Confidence with Cooking Basics plus 150 Easy Healthy Recipes

Does the kitchen intimidate you? KITCHEN 101 comes to the rescue with the easiest of easy recipes.  Perfect for your first apartment, getting married or just plain busy,

 Holly helps you in the kitchen with chapters:

  • Start Simple
  • Fix It Fast
  • Ready-Made Menus
  • Rotisserie Ready Recipes
  • Crock Pot Cooking

About the Book:

  • 150 easy-to-make recipes with full color-photographs
  • Kitchen Basics and Reference Chapter
  • Nutritional and diabetic information
  • Symbols highlight Diabetic-friendly recipes within ADA guidelines
  • Symbols highlight Freezer-friendly, Vegetarian and Crock Pot recipes
  • Terrific Tips with short-cuts and options

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Gold Recipient of prestigious Mom's Choice Award
Award-Winner in General Cookbook' category of 2012, sponsored by USA Best Book Awards, with USA Book News