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Eating Well Through Cancer

Designed to help cancer patients better tolerate treatment and maintain a healthy lifestyle, this mainstream cookbook includes over 250 easy, everyday recipes evaluated with regard to their nutritional value, taste, simplicity, availability of ingredients and preparation time.. Clegg had a family member diagnosed with cancer and understood the importance of food and appetite during treatment. And, noted oncologist Gerald Miletello, MD most often asked question was "What should I eat?" Therefore, this cookbook was created.

Book includes:

  • Each side effect chapter: Day of Chemo, Neutropenia, Diarrhea, Constipation, Sore Mouth, High Protein-Weight Gain, Snacks, Caregivers and Post Healthy Eating
  • Caregiver and Post Treatment Healthy Eating
  • Each Chapter includes shopping list and menu planning for side effect
  • General Pantry Stocking List
  • Highlights Freezer-friendly and Vegetarian recipes
  • Every recipe features Doc's Note
  • Cross Reference Chart

"Nutrition is important in prevention and sustaining a healthy lifestyle," says Clegg. Featured in Cure Magazine, Coping with Cancer Magazine, Los Angeles Times Syndicate and newspapers nationwide

The Eating Well Through Cancer cookbook has been one of the most valuable assets for cancer patients who are on treatment! The recipes for different side effects give patients, as well as their caregivers the tools they need to provide effective nutrition while dealing with treatment issues. The family caregivers, who often experience feelings of helplessness, are moved to tears of gratitude when they receive the cookbook. As a cancer support organization, it is one of the most important support tools we can provide.

Diana Thomi RN BS
Executive Director
Victory in the Valley.

2002 Readers Preference Editor's Choice Award for Cooking
Featured on The 700 Club, CBN

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I just wanted Holly to know how fantastic I think her book "Eating Well Through Cancer" is. I am a registered dietitian and teach a nutrition class for cancer patients. I was given the book as a reference from one of the nurses I work with. It is excellent!!! I will highly recommend it to the patients I teach and also plan to promote her other books and website through the American Dietetic Association Weight Management practice group. I have not tried her other books, but would recommend them to anyone based on her "Eating Well Through Cancer" book. Finally, simple, delicious recipes without confusing ingredients and instructions. Keep up the good work.
Marci Anderson, Registered Dietitian Wellness Institute, Provo, Utah
Dear Holly: When I found out I had breast cancer, a dear friend of mine sent me a copy of your book, "Eating Well Through Cancer."  Even though I didn't want to think about the fact that I had cancer, let alone the chemo and radiation treatments that would follow my surgery, I decided I needed to do everything to make sure I stayed healthy.So, (with pleasure) I read your book from cover to cover!  From the tips on what to eat before and after chemo to how to soothe mouth sores to the fantastic recipes; I just about wore out my copy of the book!  During that year I was never sick; never had a problem with low white cell count and I credit my doctors and your book with the fantastic health I maintained during my "year of cancer." Since then, I have been helping others through their cancer journey-- through all their fears -- and one of the biggest fears they have is that they will be so sick they cannot continue working or enjoying life!  But with your book as a guide, they are able to be healthy and active!  I have purchased many, many copies to give to friends and acquaintances and will continue to do so! Thank you for writing this book and for your kind and generous sharing of good health tips, wonderful recipes and hope!
Vonda Lee, 2 time Breast Cancer Survivor
Thank you for your cookbooks. I was introduced to your books from a Public Library. I am now ordering your books for a friend who has cancer. I ordered another book on your Louisiana cooking. I am inspired by you. Thank you, again, for your delicious recipes.
Esther Lue
Not long ago I wrote you regarding your cookbook - Holly Clegg's Trim & TERRIFIC Diabetic Cooking.   After you answered my questions, I purchased your book and put it to use right away. My wife is a Type 2 Diabetic, which resulted in a lifestyle change for her, and ultimately for me too. I do the majority of the cooking, (no I am not an Emeril in the making), I just enjoy cooking. Anyway, I thought, what's good for her can be good for me as well.

I am an avid runner and workout regularly, but I love eating too. I wasn't sure what to expect when I started using your wonderful recipes, but we both were more than pleasantly surprised after we started. Not once have either of us felt that we have had to sacrifice in the quality or flavor of our meals. The biggest surprise for me though, and the unintended consequence was...BAM!....I've lost 12 pounds.  Now how cool is that?

Because of your recipes, my wife finds it much easier to keep her blood sugar where it needs to be, and she too has lost weight, (that's her story).

So...we want to thank you for your dedication and research for diabetics everywhere - type-2 and insulin dependent, who struggle with, 'what can I eat, and still enjoy life'.
Gary Hoffman
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