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Best Pecan Pies for the Holidays

The holidays in my house aren’t complete without a Pecan Pie on the menu. It is honestly one of my very favorite recipes, as I have been known to sliver and eat half a pie in one sitting! I couldn’t decide which pie to include in my annual Thanksgiving menu so I had to give you ALL of them, and why not sneak a few healthier recipes using my trim and terrific version? I promise your family won’t be able to tell a difference because there’s no sacrifice in flavor. You don’t have to change what you make, just change how you prepare it–even with Pecan Pie!


Pecan Pie with Honey Pecan Crunch Topping: Indulge by adding this fabulous topping to your store bought pecan (or favorite) pie, and you’ll earn bragging rights for years to come.  

  • Last minute gourmet! It is never too late to include this incredible topping, as it is added in the last five minutes of baking.
  • This is one of my favorite tips - save time by picking up your favorite pie, add the Honey Crunch Topping , and it will look and taste homemade!
  • Watch me make the topping here


Yam Pecan Pie in Ginger Snap CrustEver have a hard time trying to decide between pecan pie or sweet potato pie? Well, now you can have them both in one delectable dessert!

  • Place gingersnaps in food processor or blender to process into fine crumbs.
  • If recipe calls for canned sweet potatoes, fresh cooked sweet potatoes may be used.
  • 1 (15-ounce) can sweet potatoes (yams) drained and mashed=1 cup.
  • Can always use any pie crust for extra ease!


Oatmeal Pecan Pie – Oatmeal is a delicious addition to this crave-able Fall pie.

  • Did you know that pecans contain the highest amount of antioxidants than any other nut? Pecans are packed with Vitamin E, which can help prevent cell damage.
  • Terrific Tip: When a refrigerated pie crust is called for, I prefer the type you unfold and place in a pie plate. I always keep one in the refrigerator to pull out for a “pie on demand.”
  • These pies are perfect make-ahead desserts – just whip up and freeze for less stress before the holidays!

Chocolate Pecan Pie - a twist on the classic, rich chocolate is combined with delicious pecan pie for the ultimate finish to your holiday meal.

  • Simple to make with a store bought crust, you can easily whip up this dessert.
  • Dig in guiltlessly, as pecans are rich in nutrition – antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, minerals and a great source of plant protein.

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