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Top 3 Best Chili's 

Brrrr, it’s cold outside, so here are a few of my favorite chili’s to warm you up! I love making chili on a cold day as nothing is more satisfying during the winter months. Everyone has their favorite go-to recipe but these are creative trim and terrific recipes that will fill you up without filling you out, helping you keep that New Year’s resolution. If you make too much or just want to plan ahead, these delicious chilies freeze well so make plenty!  Chilies are one-pot meals; which are great because they leave easy cleanup without the hassle of tons of dirty dishes. Plus they feed a Soup-er Bowl crowd (Super Bowl – February 1st) - just place the pots of soup on a low heat on your stove and surround with mugs.

Ultimate Chili: All my secret recipes combined to make one spectacular chili.

  • Shhhh – it even has cocoa in it!
  • Rinse and drain your beans to reduce the sodium.
  • Select leaner cuts of beef that end in “loin” or “round” like ground sirloin. 
  • Condiments are what make the chili so I always have bowls of chopped red onion, reduced-fat shredded cheese and chopped avocadoes.  

Wonderful White Chili: This go-to hearty chili is even diabetic friendly.

  • Most likely, you already have these main-stream ingredients in your pantry. 
  • Freezer-friendly:  To freeze, cool and then pour into airtight containers, leaving room for expansion.  Zip lock freezer bags are a great storage method as they stack easily in the freezer. Take out the night before using, thaw in the refrigerator, and reheat.     
  • Serve topped with chopped red onions, cheese, and chips. This recipe makes a very large amount, so cut the recipe in half or freeze the extra for another time.

Sweet Potato Chili over Couscous: Wonderful vegetarian combination of flavors with naturally sweet yams, smoky tomatoes, with a nutritious fiber health boost!   

  • If you have never had couscous, I think couscous is the best kept secret around as is quick cooking making it ready in minutes.  
  • Chipotle chili powder has a smoky spicy flavor found in spice section. 
  • Fire-roasted tomatoes, also in groceries, have a smoky fiery flavor. Chili powder and diced tomatoes may be substituted to save a trip to the store. 



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