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3 Top Convenience Ingredients

to Make Cooking Easier

Cooking from scratch is great but not if it keeps you from cooking at all! I am all about easy, using the best shortcuts to help us get that healthy homemade meal on the table and fast! Don’t let time be what holds you back from whipping up that homemade meal. With a few of my favorite time-saving healthy ingredients you will be surprised at how fast you can put a delicious meal on the table – faster, healthier and more budget friendly than you can grab takeout!


ROTISSERIE CHICKEN: Remove the skin and this staple ‘save-a-step’ ingredient has so much variety of meal options, which is why I devoted a whole chapter to it in KITCHEN 101!


o   Try adding mixed vegetables or sweet potatoes to the filling.

o   To lower sodium, use low-sodium chicken broth for a diabetic-friendly recipe.

o   In a hurry? Just spread filling into baking dish and top with biscuits (one can biscuits will do.)


PRE-CUT VEGGIES: I love how these days the grocery gives us so many short-cut veggie options, from chopped kale, sliced bell pepper, even pre-chopped onions = no tears!


  • Meaty Marinara Sauce – I always keep a heart-healthy jar of marinara sauce (or two!) in my pantry, and with chopped veggies it turns into your own homemade Italian sauce!

o   Choose the leanest cuts of meat by looking for those ending in "loin" or "round"

o  Meat sauce freezes great so freeze in individual zip- top freezer bags to pull out for meals. 


QUICK (BROWN) RICE: These fast-cooking microwavable bags are so handy to keep on the pantry shelves, especially when you are just cooking for a few folks – they even come in quinoa and other healthy options!


  • Pizza Rice: A delicious snack or side dish loved by all ages!

o   This gluten-free dish is also vegetarian.

o   Add rotisserie chicken to make this a heartier main-dish Pizza rice salad!

o   Look for low-sodium diced tomatoes to cut down on your daily intake.


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