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May is the perfect excuse for a Mexican fiesta themed party or family dinner - as May 5th, or Cinco de Mayo, is celebrated in the US as Mexican Independence holiday. Mexican dishes contain some of my favorite flavors and fresh ingredients so don’t save these for May only.  This menu is filled with south-of-the-border flavors combined with Louisiana’s best ingredients to please amigos of all ages year round! Piñatas and sombreros make festive table decorations, and a good tip is to use colorful peppers, eggplant, chilies, peppers, cherry tomatoes, and assorted colored veggies for table decorations – and they make excellent healthy ingredients later. If I can find sunflowers, I love to spread them around as an accent.  When you’re the designated hostess, throw a “Mexican Fiesta” for a casual fun evening with minimal effort and many yummy menu options – Ole!


Mexican Breakfast Bake: The perfect blend of savory brunch flavors.

  • A great make-ahead dish - mix ingredients together the night before, pop in oven when you wake – the perfect dish for kids to help make mom for Mother’s Day!
  • Look for turkey sausage in the grocery to save on calories, fat and saturated fat. 
  • I love to cook with reduced-fat cheese because I cannot taste the difference.
  • Be sure to look for omega-3 fortified eggs, for extra anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • 8 Weight Watchers PointsPlus


BBQ Shrimp Tacos : Amazing flavor on this Louisiana take on the traditional taco.

  • If low on time, take the shortcut and buy already peeled shrimp.
  • Peeled shrimp may be bought fresh or frozen. If frozen, defrost first.
  • Make clean-up a snap by combining all ingredients in a plastic zip-top bag to marinate.
  • WATCH me make them HERE!
  • 5 Weight Watchers PointsPlus


Margarita Cake: Margaritas are a must and this cake is a sweet way to end a satisfying meal.

  • Don’t skip the lime rind as it infuses true margarita flavor to the cake.
  • The pretzel crust reflects the salted rim – sweet and salty perfect!
  • 5 Weight Watchers PointsPlus



5/16 - Sonoma, CA:  My youngest daughter Haley is getting married so now I have another son!  Check My Daughter’s Wedding Pinterest board and My Daughter’ Sonoma Wedding blog for a glimpse behind the scenes and more photos to follow after the big day!


Watch me whip up my mouthwatering Crawfish Cakes with Horseradish Sauce on YouTube - using Louisiana’s amazing crawfish! And SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel!


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